"Having long been possessed with an ardent desire to see the Distilleries of Scotland...", Alfred Barnard, 1885

"O Thou, my muse! guid auld Scotch drink", from Scotch Drink, by Robert Burns

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Movember musings

As Movember is now under way and as I know some of you are participating in this noble and gentlemanly venture through Whisky 4 Movember, I thought it timely to remind ourselves how the great man looked.  The portrait here was published for the first time in the 2003 edition of Barnard and the photo may have been taken during his tour of Scotland as it was embossed in Edinburgh.

Alfred Barnard
Now, I appreciate that Barnard has committed the moffence of joining his Mo to both his chin and his side burns, but between them he is sporting a classic Abrakadabra style Mo that will hopefully inspire those of you still hesitant about the shadow currently decorating your upper lip.  Onward gentlemen! (Or should that be outward?)

Barnard, I think, would approve of Movember.  Despite all his measuring and facts and figures he comes across as a chap who doesn’t take himself too seriously and is happiest when enjoying life’s simple pleasures with his fellow gentlemen.  Discussing the portrait in the introduction to the 2003 edition Richard Joynson identifies Barnard as “a maverick and bon-viveur, a fun-loving gentleman toff” who’s “moustache is paraded as an expression of character”.  Just the sort of chap who would participate in Movember while enjoying a few fine whiskies with friends.

Good luck with your Mo and I look forward to sponsoring some wonderful creations by the time the St Andrew’s Day celebratory drams come around.

SlĂ inte!