"Having long been possessed with an ardent desire to see the Distilleries of Scotland...", Alfred Barnard, 1885

"O Thou, my muse! guid auld Scotch drink", from Scotch Drink, by Robert Burns

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Rumblings from the Cask - Dram 3

I have just noticed something on one of the old maps of Campbeltown from 1899.  I’m not sure how I missed it before but there is a house marked on Glebe Street, opposite Glengyle Distillery, called ‘Rocket House’.

Spaceship Glengyle
Coincidentally (uh-huh) the redeveloped Glengyle now has a shiny, silver coloured metal chimney and outside storage tank such that it has been christened the ‘Spaceship’.

And when the US Navy controlled the two mile long runway at Machrihanish Airfield just west of Campbeltown it was widely rumoured that they were testing alien technology there due to the remote location and an uninterrupted route across the Atlantic (Campbeltown to Area 51 in 0.1 seconds at maximum impulse speed Cap’n)!

I’m just saying…

Must be something in the water!